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Medical (Cardiac):

Cardiac defibrillators

Cardiac surgical closure devices

Surgical frame devices

Valve replacement systems


Medical (Spinal):

Spinal devices for back pain

Dynamic spine stabilization

Interspinous process implants

Artificial intervertebral discs

Surgical cross connecting devices

Spinal bone plate assemblies

Facet fixation devices

Bone screw guide mechanisms

Multi-axial connection systems

Anterior cervical plating

Pedicle screw assemblies

Cervical allografts

Lumbar allografts

Compression plate technology

Cervical disc devices

Interspinous process distraction tools

Triple damper stability devices

Nerve protection systems


Medical (Surgical):

Endoscopic devices

Laparoscopic cannulas and adapters


Balloon catheters

Infection resistant surface modified catheters

Articles with specialized coatings

Cell growth stimulators

Cryosurgery devices

Applicator assemblies

Intraocular implants

Surgical winding devices

Reciprocating surgical staplers

Tissue repair implants

Wound healing



Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro Stimulators (TENS)

Neural Electrical Stimulators



Back pain relief devices

Knee pain relief devices

Foot pain relief devices

Orthotic kiosks



Drugs (various)

Medical devices for drug delivery

Anti-microbial compositions


Compositions for eliciting immune responses


Intraocular implants

Controlled release of medicaments



Biochemical Sensors

Blood Gas Sensors

Chemical Senors


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